In 2005, I created the website, when I was researching who was doing what with short codes. I decided to share my research. I also started my own shared short code business. I thought here is a great way to make money and make short code capabilities available to the small and medium business who didn't want to shell out thousands for a dedicated short code.

I was not alone. More and more shared short code businesses keep popping up. There has more demand for business to consumer (b2c) text messaging now than in 2005. However, the price for getting a dedicated short code has not changed. So the shared short code still fulfills a need and lots of companies want to fill the need.

This site is where you go to see them all in one place. However, if you are not sure that a shared short code is right for you, give me a shout, and I will help you think it through. Contact me at

If I may, I suggest you also look into long codes. Learn more at